The Weekend

Monday, February 08, 2010

So, you might have noticed that I didn't post a recipe on Friday, that's because I was afraid I was coming down with a bug - not too fun and I didn't have high hopes for the weekend. BUT, by Friday afternoon (thanks to some serious rest) I was back in action and the weekend turned out to be quite wonderful. Here's a brief recap...

{movie watching on friday night}

{valentine tea with katbird's class saturday morning}

{welcoming my new nephew, Judson, to the world}

{sunday morning pancakes}

{followed by more baby holding}

{and finally Superbowl Chili}

Don't you love it when a weekend looks like it might be a dud and turns out to be so fabulous? me too.

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  1. Happy you are feeling better and congrats Aunty! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Joyce2:27 AM

    I'm glad the bug flew away as fast as it came. A wonderful weekend you had for sure- to welcome a new family member into to your family.Congrats Aunt Tonya!

  3. erikamommy3:08 AM

    Congrats Auntie! Glad you are feeling better!

  4. Karena3:10 AM

    Darling images!! I was down all weekend, back to work today! Even though I feel I could use an extra one laying low!

  5. Dionne4:37 AM

    What a cute little bubba! Congrats on your new auntiedom! Yes, unexpectedly awesome weekends are the best!

  6. PS~Erin3:05 PM

    So glad you didn't get sick!! Such sweet pics!