Vintage Family Finds

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, I'm back from the amazing photographer workshop I attended. Even though it really was geared to professional photogs, I really felt like I got a lot out of it. Plus I got to meet some amazingly talented people. So fun.

Since I have the world's most fabulous husband, he insisted that I stay in Denver for 4 (yes FOUR) extra days so I could spend some time with my Grandma. We got so much done cleaning out cabinets and organizing. I'm exhausted but thrilled with our progress and thrilled with the goodies I was able to cart home:

{my grandfather's cub scout leader hat, cameos brought home from the war to his bride, my great-grandmother's initial pin with a "V" for her name, Viva & Cameo locket with my great grandparents photos}

{my great and great-great grandmother's hankies and scarves}

{pile of napkins made from my great grandmother's tablecloth, vintage NYC subway token, eagle pin from my grandpa's WWII uniform, my grandmother's senior picture}

{old family photographs which will look great on my family wall & a letter sent home by my great-grandfather during WWI dated 1919}

So many great finds... I have a feeling that many of these are going to end up on some up coming DIYs, don't you? Any ideas?

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  1. Callie Grayson2:22 AM

    eeeee, what fabulous items!!
    love getting stuff like this from my family.

    I have been collecting items like this for years, what I started doing was making a tree -family tree - on the wall.
    I found great frames at ikea that are a shadow box type and I place trinkets from that person with their stats birth, marriage death, organizations, likes and so on. I started with a large frame with my immediate family and branched out. I will be hanging them soon and will post on my blog.

    have fun!


  2. paula3:02 AM

    ooh, the scarves and hankies could always be framed or made into pillows. this is on my list too.

  3. Joyce3:47 AM

    The locket is so neat. You have a nice collection of wonderful treasures. xo

  4. Down and Out Chic6:00 AM

    wow, lots of great finds. glad you had a good time in the workshop!

  5. Magchunk7:33 AM

    What wonderful family treasures! My mom and I are planning a weekend family-photo archiving project and I'm hoping to get some copies for my own home too. Loved the above idea for framing the hankies. A good old shadowbox is always nice too. Or necklaces for the token and V initial.

  6. Post Grad Hair Cut2:31 PM

    These are incredible. The locket especially! You could make a shadow box!

  7. Karena7:53 PM

    Beautiful memories and you can use these to bring your family close to you again!