DIY: How to Make a No Sew Fabric Birthday Banner

Monday, February 25, 2013

March is birthday month at our house with Jackbird's on the 3rd followed by John's just a week later. I've been stalking some of those cute birthday banners on etsy, but they all seemed, well, a bit pricey. Why not make one yourself...

Step 1:

You'll need pinking shears, one roll of twill tape or ribbon, .5 yard of Wonder Under, carbon paper, fabric glue and some fat quarters of fabric. I bought mine from Poppy Seed Fabrics. Five fat quarters for less than $10.

Step 2:

Make yourself a little triangle of paper about 3.5 wide and 8" tall. Now cut your fabric into rectangles (about 7x 8 inches) and fold it in half. Placing your triangle at the fold, and use that as a guide to cut your fabric triangles. When you open them, they'll be 7 inches across the top and 8 inches long.

Step 3:

Use your pinking shears to trim the ends - this will keep the fabric from fraying over time. If you don't want to use pinking shears, you can dab the edges with Fray Stop.

Step 4:

Now take the Wonder Under and apply that to your darker fabric (I used black). Just follow the instructions that come with it.

Step 5:

Use your computer to print out the letters in a font & size that you like (I used Gloucester at 400pt). Make sure to print out the letter in mirror image so the letters are backwards! Use your carbon paper to "trace" the letters onto the Wonder Under which is already attached to the dark fabric. Cut out the letters using scissors.

Step 6:

Next, peel the Wonder Under backing off your letters - you'll see that there is now glue on the backside of each letter. And press the letters onto your triangles using your steam iron.

Step 7:

Once you've attached all your letters simple attach them to your twill tape using either a sewing machine or fabric glue.

And you're done! I chose a very gender neutral color scheme so I can use this for anyone's birthday, but really this is so simple you could easily do a different one for each person.

And now for the giveaway...
Kim, from Poppy Seed Fabrics, was so sweet when I emailed her a photo of my banner that she insisted that she'd love to giveaway one fat quarter bundle just like mine to one of my readers! Really, I was able to make 2 banners from this many fat quarters, so this would be a perfect project for you to do with a friend. There are 3 ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here
2. If you are a follower, you can leave a second comment
2. Twitter, blog or Facebook about the giveaway (leave another comment with the link for each)

I'll announce the winner next Tuesday!

*oh, and yes, I know you could just buy iron-on letters... but usually I don't like the letter fonts those come in. You know how picky I am about fonts. Plus I wanted to be able to make them exactly the size I wanted! Would you rather use iron-ons? Go ahead, I won't tell!

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  1. PS~Erin3:42 AM


  2. PS~Erin3:42 AM

    Count me in... I've got both of the kids' bedrooms to update and I could use some fabric guidance :-)

    Love the banner!!

  3. Little Miss Tiara3:43 AM

    so interesting! I'm in! :D I love those polka dot fabrics... ahahaha...

  4. Little Miss Tiara3:44 AM

    and I'm pretty much sure that I am a follower :)

  5. Kimmay4:39 AM

    PS: And I'm a follower! Yay!

  6. Kimmay4:39 AM

    Wow cute project! I really love it. And I love the fabric's in the Poppy Seeds shop. So bold and colorful! :)

  7. Jennifer4:52 AM

    I'm a follower too, of course.

  8. Jennifer4:52 AM

    If I were to win the giveaway, then I could make my own banner, as opposed to begging you to make me one! :)

  9. Joanna6:50 AM

    I am a follower too!

  10. Joanna6:50 AM

    I love fabric and am working on some projects right now that they would go perfectly with! Thanks for the entry!

  11. Dionne8:49 AM

    Fab tutorial! It's just darling!

  12. Amanda9:13 AM

    LOVE IT! just found your site a few weeks ago and i think i've been through all the archives already. you have great ideas!

  13. follower :)

  14. so happy and bright! love it!

  15. Karena6:14 PM

    I might even make these into pillows!!

  16. Karena6:14 PM

    Of coarse I am a follower and what a fun giveaway!! Thank you Poppy Seed Fabrics!!


  17. Lindsey6:53 AM

    Oh, yeah, and count me in for the giveaway too!

  18. Lindsey6:53 AM

    Don't you just love wonder under? And don't people have a really fancy word for this type of banner? I can never remember it.

  19. bloem family7:15 AM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the banner and fabric! Count me in... Bridgette's first birthday will be coming up, and I could start a "birthday banner tradition" for our household.

  20. bloem family7:16 AM

    and now I'm a follower - YAY! :)

  21. I am also a follower!

  22. wonderful job on the banner - i love it!

  23. Joyce4:26 AM

    My bday is tomorrow and I love to celebrate! Very pretty T! xo

  24. Joyce4:27 AM

    Oh yes I am one of you biggest fans- I like to follow a friend as special as you!

  25. bethibrahim3:54 PM

    Adorable!!! I've been following you for a few months and love your DIY projects - I've used a couple with my kindergarten class!

  26. Janet6:02 PM

    What a cute idea! Especially for someone like me who can't sew!!

  27. Jenny6:38 AM

    Follower too.

  28. Jenny6:38 AM

    Really cute! I could even make something like that.

  29. Lorelie Andrus7:27 PM

    I was looking for a "no sew" banner for the 4th of July when I came across yours. It's perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  30. this is one thing that has helped me really recetnly so thankyou

  31. Megan6:41 PM

    I'm confused about the carbon paper and "tracing" bit. Can you explain a little further?

    Thanks! Great Tutorial!