DIY: How to Recycle Crayons

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why is it that when you buy a brand spankin' new box of crayons they look so glorious - ready to be used. But then... after a week with your kids, they look kinda like you do at the end of the day. a little frazzled. yes?

What to do with all those broken dull crayons?? Why, recycle them, of course. This is such a fun project to do with the kids - and it makes plenty so you can share them with friends. Let's get started...

Step One:

You'll need old crayons, an x-acto knife (not a necessity, but it sure does help) and some muffin cups. I used heart ones since we gave our recycled crayons away as Valentine's gifts last week.

Step Two:

Use your X-acto knife to score down the edge of the paper on each crayon. It will seriously save you the headache of trying to peel every bit of that paper off. And it makes it much easier for the kids to help. trust me.

Step Three:

This is my kids favorite part... breaking them. That is, breaking them without mom freaking out about wasting good crayons.

You'll want to get quite a few in as many different colors as you can.

Step Four:

Place the muffin cups in a muffin tin (or if you use silicone ones just place them on a cookie sheet). Fill them about a quarter full with broken crayons in a variety of colors.

Step Five:

Place them in a 300 degree oven for about 7 - 10 minutes. Check them at 7 minutes - if you still see solid pieces, keep them in a little longer.

Let them cool before removing the muffin wrapper and your done. Time for coloring.

*If you want heart shaped ones, you can always place your muffin cups in a tin, then place a marble between the tin and the cup. That will make a heart shape.

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  1. so fun. we have so many old crayons, the ocd part of me usually tosses them this is a great dyi. thanks. MISS YOU!!!

  2. Joanna8:13 AM

    Awesome idea. I love it! I don't really use crayons anymore, but I might have to now just so I can make these cool rainbow ones.

  3. Dionne11:16 AM

    Tehehehe, I love it! When Brian and I have kiddos, we are doing this!

  4. Kristin1:15 PM

    What a fun project. I bet lil' munchkins love this!

  5. Blair4:40 PM

    aww...what a sweet and fun idea!

  6. photojoy1:03 AM

    What a great idea! It must be exciting when you see the result on a paper. How I wish if I should have known this idea much more earlier before my children grew older. :) Have a nice weekend.

  7. My name is Erin.2:17 PM

    We just did it! They are in the oven. I took pics and even have your tutorial on the computer in the background. I'll post pics on my blog soon and will be sure to link to you and let you know when I do it. Thanks!!! Abby had so much fun!