Valentine Favorites

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I love this time of year... with Valentine's around the corner. Don't get me wrong, the hubs and I don't do any sort of blow out for the holiday... as a matter of a fact, I prefer to not get flowers on Valentines, but rather on an unexpected Tuesday afternoon. Something about the "requirement" of giving something just doesn't fit for me.

But I do love all the focus on love and hearts... the sweetness of my kids making Valentines for their friends. I just love that. Here are a few of my Valentine favorites:

1. heart personalized recipe cards from Petite Press

2. recycled skateboard heart charm by Seven Ply
3. personalized carved initials necklace by Lisa Hopkins Design
4 love recycled felt applique pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

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  1. ms. less is always more2:22 AM

    We're big Valentine's day fans around here too... my son was just asking me what I have planned for our party! Our party of four that is... we just make yummy food and give little gifts! Fun!

  2. Joanna5:54 AM

    I love the carved necklace. So pretty and cute.

  3. Down and Out Chic5:57 AM

    the recycled skateboard heart charm is definitely on my "list." love it.

  4. amy and ann6:17 AM

    great picks! i got the skateboard necklass di dI tell you? miss yoU! im calling you now.

  5. simplesong7:51 AM

    love these -- especially the felt pillow!

  6. simplesong7:51 AM

    love these -- especially the felt pillow!

  7. Dionne9:00 AM

    Valentine's Day sure is coming up quickly! I love all the hearts and prettiness it brings too!

  8. Blair3:32 PM

    Those are my all time favorite recipe cards!