Making a Vision Board for the Year

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's a new year and with a new calendar comes resolutions. Usually too many to really justify as being able to accomplish (at least that's my problem). Right before the new year several of my friends and I got together to work on our vision boards for 2010. It's easy to do, and actually a lot of fun when you do it with your friends.

Just gather as many magazines as you possibly can...

...and start cutting. Don't think, don't plan, just cut. Any picture, phrase or word that catches your interest. Don't forget to laugh a lot with your girlfriends. but keep cutting.

After a while, stop cutting and start sorting. Figure out what themes you've been collecting and how they fit in with you goals and plans for the coming year. And then start gluing.

There's no right or wrong way to do it. You'll find that your "mindless" cutting really makes you focus in on what your priorities and goals are. You'll be drawn to what you want for the coming year.

You might decide that you have fitness goals or parenting ideas...

...or perhaps you want to start on your dream kitchen. Use the board to start thinking about how you will accomplish those goals.

This one is mine... I focused on pushing myself to learn new things, starting a vegetable garden, making time for myself, breaking free from perfectionism and spending time with family.

I'm going to do a more detailed post on my resolutions soon - to help hold me accountable. But making a vision board was definitely a good start to push me in the right direction.

What would your vision board have pasted on it?
{to see more of my friend's vision boards, click here!}

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  1. ms. less is always more2:17 AM

    I love this... just saw it on Erin's blog too! I should try it. I think mine would focus on home projects/inspiration and eating well in the new year.

  2. littlebyrd3:03 AM

    I love these! What a wonderful idea. And they are pretty to look at :)

  3. PS~Erin3:06 AM

    I posted mine up today on my blog. When I looked at it again it totally reminded me of some things I'd like to accomplish/do/try. And it was so fun to do!

  4. Stylestance4:45 AM


  5. Joanna7:43 AM

    I never thought of this as a group project...I like it! I was going to put together inspiration boards, which are ultimately the same thing, for my bakery stuff. I would have several boards which have color dots and funky finds to help spark imagination for new treats. As for my personal one, everything from running, hiking and crafts to complete. :)

  6. Rainbowchild8:13 AM

    What a great idea and fun creating it with a bunch of friends.

  7. Dionne10:13 AM

    What a great idea. I need to do this. It's such a cool way to realize your priorities and act on them.

  8. How fantastic you do that with your girlfriends! The older I get, the more I feel the deep desire to experience cool, new stuff each year. I love it.

    A few big ones for me in 2010 a song on my guitar, windsurf, talk less /listen more and take that next big step in my biz.

  9. Karena6:00 PM

    Tonya I will do this over the weekend. I love inspiration boards!

  10. Jackie4:50 PM

    Looks like so much fun! Wish I could join your mommy group! I really like what you focused on, all great goals to work toward.