Books, Books, Books

Monday, February 01, 2010

Don't you just love having a stack of book just waiting to be read on your bedside table? Me too. I spent a nice part of my rainy Saturday afternoon just diving in.

Here's what next to my bed now:
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone * family read aloud book
Her Fearful Symmetry * same author as Time Traveler's Wife
Skeletons at the Feast * same author as Double Bind
The New Rules of Marriage * book for my mom's group

What's on your bedside table now? I'd love some new book recommendations!

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  1. ms. less is always more2:14 AM

    JUST finished Her Fearful Symmetry this weekend! Loved it! I read Water for Elephants right before that which was also great and now I am reading God of Small Things... no verdict yet on this one, just started!

  2. Kwana3:24 AM

    Your stack is so pretty. I must clean up mine. I have Pride and Prejudice on my e-reader right now.

  3. Karena5:52 AM

    I just finishes Loving Frank and then Olive Kitteridge. Am ready for something really good to hold my attention. I am always stacked with art books!

  4. Dionne6:13 AM

    I just finished reading Patrick Swayze's biography. It wasn't a literary masterpiece or anything, but it was interesting to read about his life and thoughts.

  5. Lindsey9:55 AM

    Speaking of books, have you seen these book covers for your mac?

  6. Kristin11:41 AM

    Family read aloud book...I love that idea!