Why Do You Blog?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today I'm at my grandfather's funeral. I'm blogging, though, because this little blog was something he loved to read. He was one of my most ardent blog fans. He told me he felt like reading my blog was like a glimpse into who I really am. Which is almost ironic since my family has asked me to read this post as my eulogy for him today.

But I think he's right - this blog for me started as just a creative outlet. But throughout this last year it has turned into more. It's almost a journal of who I am. I feel like it's an easy way for me to peel back the layers of noise and really share who I am. I love that people who already know me are getting to know me a little bit better by reading this little corner of the Internet. And the people who've never met me at all, who send me notes or wish me well just make the whole experience that much sweeter. I think that's one of the things that keeps me going, writing even on days when I feel tired or ridiculously stressed. It's my outlet.

And I'm so glad to be doing it. Sometimes it helps get through the hard times... like today. So, today, Grandpa, I do it for you.

{You may be wondering about the picture I chose for this post... it's a shot of Jack and my grandpa climbing rocks at the park this past summer. I chose it because the last thing my grandpa said to Jack, while in the hospital, was, "Jack one day you and I will go walking on those rocks again in Heaven and I can't wait." "Me too," said Jack.}

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