Recipe: Reindeer Chow

Friday, December 11, 2009

Making Reindeer Chow might be one of my favorite (and easiest) advent activities with the kids. They love getting to cook and measure out the ingredients and truly, it's sooo tasty. You might have seen something similar at your mall; they call it "White Trash"... I think Reindeer Chow sounds a tad more festive, don't you?

Reindeer Chow

4 C Cheerios
4 C Chex (I used 2 cups rice & 2 cups corn)
4 C Honeycombs
2 C Holiday M&Ms
2C Pretzels (minis or sticks)
1 Pkg Almond Bark

Use a really large mixing bowl (sometimes I just half the recipe and make it in two batches if I don't have a really large bowl available) and spray a light coating of cooking spray on it. Mix together all the ingredients except the almond bark.

Melt the almond bark. You can do this in a double boiler (a metal or glass bowl over a pot of boiling water) or you can microwave it according to the directions on your package. Once the almond bark is melted you can pour it over the cereal mixture and mix thoroughly.

Spred the mixture out on wa paper to dry and cool. Break it apart and store in an airtight container.

I warn, you, this is so addictive.

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  1. DesBisoux3:10 AM

    i never heard of that before! do you just eat it like a snack?
    i love everything you put in it anyway!

  2. Blair5:28 AM

    So cute and sounds so yummy! Have a great weekend Tonya! xx

  3. Dionne6:33 AM

    Awww how adorable. But yummy, too!

  4. **WE BLOG ARTISTS**12:04 PM

    Sounds divine...don't think the Deer will have a chance at tasting this treat!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Callie Grayson5:18 PM

    mmmm reindeer chow sounds really tasty and I am with **we blog artists*** I don't think the reindeer with get a chance to taste this treat if I had my way:)

  6. PS~Erin8:56 AM

    Yum!! We're making "moose munch" this year. It sounds similar. Love the color in this one though!

  7. Kristin6:25 PM

    Oh it is SO on! Yum yum yum!

  8. A Perfect Peach11:43 AM

    this sounds so yummy! I think i might have to try it - great snack for the office, too!