Gift Guide: Crafty You

Monday, December 09, 2013

My wishlist almost always comprises itself of clothing, new things for the house and, oh yes, crafting supplies. Oh, what I wouldn't do to see some of this under the tree this year...

Loads of fabric by designers like Amy Buter, Michael Miller, Joel Dewberry & Tanya Whelan

An at home letterpress machine. I didn't even know this existed until today... and now suddenly I must have one!

Japanese tape... just think of the possibilities!
(this I've been cyber-stalking for months putting it in my cart, taking it out, putting it back in. I. must. have. you.)

And vintage glass buttons... I can never have enough of these.

Really my list could go on and on, but what about you? What's on your crafting wishlist?

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  1. Laura Trevey2:49 AM

    a letterpress machine! how awesome!!

    xoxo Laura :)

  2. CAPow2:56 AM

    OMFG! I need that letterpress machine!

  3. Federica2:57 AM

    Oh I want that letterpress machine too! Such a great wish list!

  4. erikamommy3:25 AM

    does an extra room so i can put all my craft supplies in count? woule love that under the tree. santa can work miracles right???

  5. Dionne3:46 AM

    This is a great wish list, I think I am going to add some of this goodness to mine!

  6. ApachesPrincess5:30 AM

    Oh yes! Clothing and crafting supplies take up most of my Christmas wishlists! I'm hoping for a letterpress machine....eventually!