DIY: Make Your Own Ornaments for Free

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So... we're completely on a budget this year. Which includes no buying of Christmas decorations. The best way to solve a problem like that is to just make your own, right? But my challenge was to make ornaments that literally cost nothing. Seriously, not one penny. Step one... start scavenging.

Ready? Ornament #1...
Step One:

You don't have to use a cereal box - any kind of food box will work - you just want it to be made of thin chipboard.

Step 2:

Sketch out (or trace) a shape - we did a bird, a tree and stars. But you can really do any simple shape you'd like.

Step 3:

Punch a hole in the top.

Step 4:

Apply your glue. Here's the key... apply it very liberally. Your shape should be coated in white glue.
Step 5:

Bring on the glitter. Don't be shy, really pour it on.

Step 6:
Add a ribbon and hang. Simple right? This is a perfect advent activity to do with your kids. After all, who doesn't like to use glitter?

Ready for another easy one?

Step One

Gather your materials - make sure to bring your acorns inside so they have time to dry. Separate the caps from the nuts.

Step 2:

Uh, yea, I forgot to take a picture of me drilling a hole in the acorn top. Just use a thin drill bit or nail to make a hole at the center of your acorn cap.

Step 3:

Brush on glue to your acorn caps.

Step 4:

Oh yes... more glitter please.

Step 5:

Allow the glitter time to dry. Then thread a needle with baker's twine (which you can buy at the craft store or restaurant supply) and "sew" through 2 acorn caps.

Step 6:

Tie a little double knot at the ends of your twine so it doesn't slip through the hole.

Yours should look like this!

Step 7:

Apply a good amount of glue (I used hot glue) inside your acorn cap and then "reattach" the nut to the cap.

And hang... next week I'll be talking about inexpensive ways to gift wrap... you can be these babies will be decorating some gifts under my tree this year.

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  1. Kwana2:25 AM

    You always have the best ideas!

  2. Laura Trevey2:25 AM

    the acorns are adorable!!!

  3. erikamommy2:59 AM

    so easy yet so adorable. we LOVE glitter over here so these will be a hit at our house. thanks T

  4. PS~Erin3:11 AM

    Love them! We'll definitely be doing this!

  5. Jackie5:49 AM

    Cute ideas! Love those little acorns!

  6. LobotoME6:57 AM

    great, frugal ideas! love it! J :)

  7. Magchunk7:08 AM

    "Luckily" (I say somewhat sarcastically) we'd already bought some Christmas stuff when we found out Ryan was laid off. Otherwise I think we'd have been following this route too. On the plus side, we found some old ornaments at Goodwill that were just a little scuffed. I think it adds to their charm! And my mom gave me some that I made in elementary school, so thats fun too.

    Anyway, great ideas (sorry, kinda rambly today!)

  8. I LOVE the acorns! I just might have to make some of those for my own house. Thanks!