DIY: How To Wrap Beautiful Presents with Simple Craft Paper

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think Julie Andrews had it right when she sang about brown paper packages tied up with string... definitely one of my favorite things.

While I love beautiful packages under the tree, I do think it's a bit ridiculous to pay almost as much for the wrapping as you did for the gift itself... especially when you know it's just going to land in the recycling bin...

So I've taken one package, wrapped in simple brown craft paper ($4 for about 20 yards) and experimented with the possibilities just by scrounging 'round the house.

A leftover ribbon remnant and a DIY glitter ornament

Baker's twine and DIY acorn ornaments

More ribbon remnant, a page from a old book (circle punched) and a spare button from a coat

Peacock feather
(we live near some wild peacocks, so we always have a spare lying around... but any feather will do just look around on a nature hike)

Felt Snowflake Ornament
(bought for 50 cents at Dollar Tree)

Vintage rickrack and a DIY flower pin with vintage button
(it's always nice when the wrapping IS part of the gift)

What's your favorite way to wrap a gift?

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  1. **WE BLOG ARTISTS**2:43 AM

    Tonya, it's SO true you can really do so much with SO little...
    Fab post!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. erikamommy2:59 AM

    love all those ideas. so simple and love using things you already have.

  3. ms. less is always more3:25 AM

    I am totally on the same wave-length as you this year! I am doing all brown craft paper for the gifts and then scrounging up some yarn and calling it a day (I may do some hand made tags or something...). Now only if I could find a minute to get to the craft store to actually get the supplies!

  4. Federica5:08 AM

    Oh beautiful! I love brown paper packages!

  5. So pretty! I wouldn't want to open them.

  6. Patricia Torres6:06 AM

    This is truly an inspirational post.. So much to learn!! Tonya.. you are fab!!

  7. Karena6:47 AM

    Tonya, I am off for craft paper today!! The toppings are darling!

  8. Dionne6:50 AM

    Oh that button one is darling! What a pretty package!

  9. An Imperfect Perfection8:25 AM

    My mom and I were just talking of getting some of this craft paper! LOVE the ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  10. ApachesPrincess5:28 AM

    I actually like craft paper better than the regular Christmas paper! There is just an amazing amount of possibilities that you can do with it!!

  11. Down and Out Chic7:34 AM

    i love your little embellishments. haven't wrapped yet, but i have plenty of ideas!