Monday, December 21, 2009

I have to say, I don’t think you ever truly appreciate your parents until you become parents yourself. As a kid, you think your parents have been married FOREVER, perhaps since the dawn of time or around the time fire was invented.
It’s always a shock to think that there once was a time, long. LOOONG ago when your parents did not even know one another.
And surely, their lives were never more complete than when YOU came around. At least, that’s what all kids think.
But now that I’ve gotten married and become a parent myself I think it’s nice to really see your parents for the first time more as friends than just as a parent. The little things you always took for granted and never really appreciated become so much more apparent.
And I feel lucky that I get to watch the two of you with my kids and think about what it must have been like when we were young

What went through your head the day we were born.

Or the fun you had celebrating our birthdays...
How hard you worked making our house into a home.

The excitement you felt when teaching us new things.
The sheer joy you can feel in just being a family,
And I realized how wonderful it is that I get to walk through this maze of parenthood with the two of you by my side. What a great example the two of you have been and continue to be.
Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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  1. Laura Trevey2:40 AM

    What a wonderful post!!
    Happy Holidays to you
    and your family ~~


  2. ms. less is always more2:56 AM

    What a sweet post... you and your daughter look like your mom! I love it! It is such a blessing to have committed parents, especially as I am dealing with my parents divorce right now... even as an adult it's just as heartbreaking to have your family split in two - so THANK your parents for sticking it out through good and bad!!

  3. alexkeller4:22 AM

    what a great post! my parents are on their way to 50!

  4. Kristin8:15 AM

    What a beautiful post. I hope your parents had a lovely anniversary!