Welcome Pumpkernickel

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Today is the long awaited day for Pumpernickel's return to our house... Those of you, who are familiar with the Elf on a Shelf, probably know what I'm talking about.

For weeks now, the kids have been all aflutter talking about his return. Each morning for the month of December, Pumpernickel hides in a new spot in our house. His job is to return to the North Pole each night giving Santa a report on whether my kids have been naughty or nice (nice, so far).

Our elf has another special job that keeps him extra busy. He fills our advent calendar with a new family activity for each day. It might be shopping for the Angel Tree, a craft activity, watching a holiday movie or baking treats for our neighbors. The kids race down the stairs waiting to find what activity awaits. It's something we all look forward to throughout the year and helps keep our focus on the real reason for the season. Time spent with family is the best time of all.

I just love this time of year. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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