Smitten with Spool No. 72

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm not sure how I first stumbled upon Spool No. 72, but I've been smitten ever since I did.

First of all, there's the shirts:

{3rd Floor Blouse, Thimble Blouse, Cozy Cabin Blouse & Cider Mill Blouse}

Not to mention the jewelry...

{Umber Ring, Indian Aster Necklace, Clark's Chandelier Earrings & Bookstone Ring}

And I haven't even touched on the sweaters, dresses and coats (yes, I have a real addiction to coats, which is not terribly healthy seeing as I live in Texas where coat season is so short lived).

Is it the fact that many of their photo shoots take place in a library? Perhaps. But I don't think that's what keeps me coming back adding more and more items to my wish list.... I love their philosophy that "style and design can easily co-exist with an easy way of living." Sounds like that fits any mom's idea of what to wear....

What item would you add to your wish list?

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