The Jewelry Big Show

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, the jewelry show is over and I have to say, last week was exhausting. Probably more because it was my first show, so I had a lot to think about: displays, how to take orders, making price tags, etc. Things that won't be nearly as stressful the next time.

You may recognize many items on my display from my house - I just wandered around the house and chose a few items on which to display the jewelry.

I also made a few displays including these chalk board trays out of vintage silver trays - I'll have a DIY on these Thursday because I think they could have so many different uses.

Last week also marked the week that I changed all my jewelry over to complete sterling silver, so I had to make new samples, have a photo shoot (on the floor of my kitchen with the help of my talented husband) and completely update my web site with all my new items. Exhausting... but here they are:

I've also added sterling silver charm bracelets, mini photo pendants and more.

I'm so exciting to really be up and rolling with everything - it was a stressful week, but it's really paid off. I've gotten lots of orders already and am excited to be pairing with a photographer who will be using my silver photo jewelry in her studio for her clients.

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