The Great Fall Clean Out: The Closets

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ok, so did you clean out your closet this weekend? I did... all four of ours. Ok, three (John's a big boy he did his own). Mine,, Jackbird & Katbird's. And, boy does it feel good. I'm starting to make excuses just to walk into the closets because I love the way it feels when everything is put away and organized. (Ok, I'm aware that I'm now sharing how OCD I really am).

Here's mine:
And the hubs:
Jack's (who also happens to have the largest closet in the house... how unfair is that?):
And Katbirds:
A couple ideas when doing your closets:

* Use the same style of hanger and the closet feels instantly organized. They don't have to be wooden (My wooden ones are from Ikea... very affordable). The kids just have plastic hangers, but the key is that they're the same size and color.

*Make your closet like a little room with some small vignettes. Kate has my old christening gown in it to just dress up the space a bit... Jack has an old pair of tiny cowboy boots that were his (and his father's).

*Separate, separate, separate... use dividers to split your closet into zones: long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, pants, etc. I also organize my closet by color (but that may be waaaay too OCD for you!)

*If you get the desire to totally redo your closet, don't shell out the big bucks for the elfa system, Rubbermaid makes EXACTLY the same stuff at 1/3 the price (you can add some of the fun extras from the Container Store since the systems are compatible).

Next week we're doing the pantry or linen closet (or really any smallish space you think you need to organize). Care to join us?

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