Top Five: Fall Favorities

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a blogger friend of Tonya. I am huge fan of her blog so I feel pretty special coming over here today and guest posting. :) I decided that listing my top 5 fall favorites would be fun to share. This list is more of what I miss about fall on Oregon since I don't exactly get one in Hawaii. :)

1. Watching the Leaves change color
This is such a magical thing to witness. It really never gets old. Along with the leaves the air changes too and it really is such a beautiful thing to feel smell, and see.

2. Shopping for Fall Items
When I lived in Portland I loved shopping for scarves, jackets and boots. Here are a few handmade knitted scarves that I am loving at the moment and wish I had more opportunities to wear them.

3. Drinking Tea and chatting with loved ones.
There is nothing like drinking tea with your friend or relative over hot tea. I could do this for hours. Tea always tastes better when its chilly outside. :)

4. Baking delicious goodies
When its warm outside we usually avoid baking because it makes the house hot. So
we my husband usually bakes at night. The aromas are so amazing and you just cant wait to have a bite.

5. Hiking in the Forest & Camping
This one may not be on a lot of peoples list but it really is one of my favorite things to do especially when its cooler outside and the leaves are changing.

Well I hope you enjoyed my top 5 fall favorites and please let us know what yours are. I am curious to hear.

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Thank you Tonya. This was so much fun!

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