DIY: Make Your Own Reusable Bags in 3 Easy Steps

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am pretty good about using reusable bags when shopping at the grocery store, but hate using all those plastic produce bags. When I saw the idea for this craft which upcycles old t-shirts, I knew a kid size shirt would be perfect for my trips through the produce aisle.

This project is soo easy... and to prove it I had Jack do all the work. He did the cutting, the sewing - all of it. You can do it too...

Step 1:

Gather your materials - an old shirt, scissors, fabric glue (optional) and either a sewing machine or fusible bonding web (if you don't have a sewing machine)

Step 2:

Cut off the arms, bottom hem, neckline (cut the back so it mimics the shape of the front). We cut ours close to the hems so there's less of a chance of raveling.
*Don't you love how Kate's being such a "helper" in this picture?*

It will look something like this when you are finished cutting.

Step 3:

Turn the shirt inside out and pin the bottom together.

And stitch it closed. If you are using the fusible webbing, you can simply turn the shirt inside out and close the seam by ironing the webbing.
*Apparently, sticking your tongue out while crafting helps keep the seams straight.*

And, that's it... finished. Isn't he proud? If you are worried about shoulder seams unravelling, just add a dot of fabric glue on each seam end.

If you want to make larger bags for your groceries, I would use an adult size shirt. While stitching the hem I would do an overlock stitch for added strength.

In case you're wondering, I first saw this craft in Family Fun magazine... my favorite parenting magazine. Full of great ideas of crafts & projects to do with your kids. It's a must have at my house!

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