Squeezing Every Last Drop Out of Summer

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

{Image taken by my husband}

Summer is winding down to an end. Before I know it, Jack & Kate will be back at school and it will be back to early bedtimes, carpooling and more routine. The routine, I confess I do love, I am a type A personality after all. But I will miss having them home every day, so I am going to enjoy these blissful lollygagging, popsicle eating, lazy days.

So I'm off to the lake for a couple of days with one of my all time favorite girlfriends and her kids. What fun we'll have. Think Thelma & Louise... but with 4 kids... and with no Brad Pitt rendezvous... and no dodging the law... and no driving off a cliff (although after several hours in the car with the kids I might be tempted). Ok, so not Thelma & Louise, but a lot of laughs.

And then I am so excited that my sister is making the trip to Austin to visit my parents. I will, of course, be heading there next. I can't wait to see her so I'm taking a little blogcation. Just a week off to really enjoy these last days before routine sinks in...

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer too. I'll be back next Thursday!

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