Peacocks Etsy Style

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The other night at 6pm while the weather was still a sweltering 100 degrees (yes, at 6 pm!) the kids were looking for something to do, so I suggested we head down the hill to the shady spot where the wild peacocks (or as Kate calls them, 'peacops') live. I always save our crusts on our bread for such an occasion, and the kids have a fabulous time feeding them. So, in honor of all the fun we had with the peacops...

How fun is this print?

And this mobile?

HUDSON - Peacock feathers adorned with a blue burst button
If headbands looked good on me, I'd already own this...

I'm in love with the print on this little clutch.

This journal would be perfect for toting around for all my miscellaneous notes.

Do you have anything peacock-inspired?

By the way, I used  this free download which converts to convert my photos into vintage styled Polaroids...

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