How Much Fun Can You Have with PVC Pipes?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Normally, when you hear about PVC pipes, you think about plumbing issues... No fun, right? Well, after getting a little inspiration from Family Fun Magazine (seriously, if you have kids you HAVE to subscribe to this magazine!) we created our own little backyard waterpark.

Simply run to your plumbing aisle at your hardware store and pick up some pipes ($.85 for a 10ft piece), elbows (about $.40 each), tubing and caps. Then take a quick trip to the sprinkler section and pick up some shrub sprinklers ($.85 each), funnels, and whatever else tickles your fancy. 

The best part? It's totally the kids design - each time they want to pull it out they can redesign and use their imagination to construct it all over again in a totally different way. Waaaay more fun that your average sprinkler! For full instructions, go here.

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