DIY: Locked Out

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have a friend who is forever getting locked out of her house. I had been helping her come up with a solution, short of hiding a key under the mat (hello obvious). When I saw the sprinkler Hide-A-Key featured in Real Simple this past month I thought, "I could do that." And so can you... the best part? You can do it for less that a dollar...

Here's what you'll need:
Sprinker head (go to your hardware store and check the sprinkler aisle... this one cost me $.89), sprinkler plug, E6000 and, of course, a house key

Simply untwist the top part of the sprinkler and remove the inner tube by unscrewing it. Throw it in the recycle bin save the round piece at the top.

Dab a little E6000 (I mentioned this glue was a big part of my DIY projects, didn't I?) on the center cap piece and secure it into place. Allow to dry for several minutes.

Put the cap lid on and dig a very small hole in the yard (try to line it up with some of the other sprinkler heads).

Place the key inside and voila a hidden key no one will know where to look for!

**Tip: Make sure when choosing your sprinkler that you choose one that matches the others in your yard (some have a metal ring at the top rather than white plastic like this one).**

Want another key project? Take your extra keys you have lying around (I had a ton from a moving announcement that I created years ago) and make it into a work of art. I made this little piece for John around his birthday... Just some E6000, an old frame spray painted new, a handful of vintage keys (bought off eBay), large sheet of acid free paper bought from the craft store. Total cost of this project? 99 cents.

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