Ten Things I Love About Italy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We spent our week in a little villa in the town of Manciano, a very small town situated right between Rome and Florence. Most of our days were spent avoiding the sweaty fanny pack crowd, otherwise known as tourists, and spent our days exploring small towns throughout Tuscany. 

The one exception, of course, was our excursion to Florence where we revisited the church in which we were married and relived the first moments of our marriage. Yes, it was just as romantic as you'd think it would be... kissing my husband again on the altar where we became husband and wife. 

Here, though, is my ten things I love about Italy...

The narrow, twisty stone paths between buildings where you don't know what you'll see around each corner (do you see those giant trees growing out of the top of that building?) 

How the Italians pay attention to so many details - I could do a whole blog series on beautiful doors of Tuscany.

Gelato - a daily indulgence on our trip. My favorite was the Nutella while John had Lemon almost every time!

The gorgeous views and the bright blue sky. This is the view from the balcony of our villa.

Attending a Tuscan cooking class with a professional chef, where I learned to roll my own handmade pasta and make my own biscotti. 

How Italians can grow a beautiful garden when they only have a concrete front yard. Amazing. This type of garden was everywhere I went. 

Beautiful churches steeped with history.

Visiting port towns and taking in the local market. Watching everyone haggle back and forth in Italians. So much passion and hand waving - I love it.

Seeing all the beautiful ceramics and local art. Although everything in Italy seems like art from the lamp posts (see the picture from yesterday's post) to the dishes to the way they display their wares at the local market.

My favorite thing, though, was this... spending time with this guy and loving every minute we have together.

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