Miss Aimee: How To Have a Wonderful Marriage

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am so excited & honored to have been asked to guest post on Kotori today for my dear friend Tonya. When she asked me to post on Thursday for a "How To" post...I pondered over it for a few minutes and then it just hit me...of course I will talk about my sweet man and our wonderful relationship! if anyone reads my blog they know I am completely smitten with my husband.

How To Have A Wonderful Marriage:
1. make coffee for your man before he gets up
2. if you can swing it have lunch out with your man a few days a week(without children)
3. text him sweet messages throughout the day(even if you both work from home)
4. buy your guy little presents and leave them under his pillow(they love that)
5. learn how to cook!
6. think about something your man loves to do and plan a date around that
7. love his faults. love his vices. embrace them! embrace him for all good and bad.
8. take a bubble bath together
9. have dates as much as possible, even if you have to hire sitters(and alternate planning the date weekly. get creative. pretend like you are dating.)
10. enjoy platters of cheese and wine at the kitchen table after the kids go to bed with candles
11. encourage & support your husbands dreams and hobby's
12. hug alot
13. laugh really loud together
14. turn the music on and have a family dance party and dance with your man
15. say i love you whenever you can

Thanks again for having me today Tonya!
Miss Aimee [mostly mod]

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