Happy Father's Day... and a Winner!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We had a nice quiet Father's Day at home yesterday... just the way John wanted. 

All he asked for was a big breakfast which I happily made since it was one of my favorite's too. Joyce posted this recipe for  Baby Dutchman Pancakes month ago and it has since become a weekend favorite. 

The kids made John a special painting using their handprints - I found the directions in this book. Jack made the seahorse using his knuckles and pinkie finger. Kate made the little fish swimming in the corner with her thumbs. A messy craft, but it turned out so cute (and I love any art made with handprints, don't you?)

Overall a wonderful day to celebrate the most wonderful father. 

And now, to our winner of the giveaway....

Congratulations erikamommy! 

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