Altered Books

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I love perusing thrift shops or old antique stores and seeing all the books dusty and yellow with age. They look fabulous on a shelf or stacked to make a display, but I wondered how else you could use some of these old finds. A little trip to etsy got me thinking...

Look at these gift tags punched from vintage children's books.

This artist twisted and curled pages from an old novel to create a unique wreath.

What about this fun sphere? How fun would this be hanging in your living room or reading area?

How beautiful does this drawing look on a salvaged book page?

This vintage book has been repurposed as a journal full of blank pages waiting to be filled... perhaps with your own novel? I bought John one of these for his doodles/thoughts and I love the way it looks sitting by the bed... like a tired, old book.

Once, in the fourth grade, I made a turkey display for Thanksgiving by folding the pages of the Reader's Digest and adding turkey accoutrements (!) I don't think it turned out nearly as beautiful as any of these. 

Have you or would you ever altered a book or magazine?

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