Top Five: Lost on an Island

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We've had a cold winter… I think we can all agree, it's time to start thinking about the beach. I think it always warms me up just to dream about going away for a few days on the sand. Here's my top five items I'd bring with me on a deserted island.

I would just happen to have a totally cute bikini ensemble

I'd have a supply of ice cream... preferably Blue Bell with chocolate sauce (yes, I know I don't have a freezer on said island, but this IS a fantasy, remember?)

Books - heaps of books of all types and genres... classics, trash romance, chick lit, biographies, you name it.

A generous supply of Dr. Pepper (as my husband says, if you're going to only have one vice... Dr. Pepper a pretty mild one). I might be able to live without wine, but Dr. Pepper? No way.

This is a rather old image of them, but I'm feeling nostalgic… after all I'm deserted on an island, right?
And, of course, the family. It would be no fun gorging on ice cream sundaes while lying in the sand without them, right?

What would your 5 items be?

images from here, here and here

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