It's Times Like These

Monday, June 01, 2009

On Saturday my doorbell rang and to my great delight, my friend Miss Aimee was standing on my doorstep with a bag in her hands. A little surprise, she said. Inside I found little wrapped gifts from her, Blair, Lindsey, Dionne, Paula and Erin.

Apparently after reading my post about John's lay-off they decided to pull together and send me a little pick-me-up package. And pick me up it did. How sweet and thoughtful these girls are to help me, a person that most of them have only met through our little BlogWorld. It's times like these that really help you to see that people are just good at heart. How truly thankful I am...
So it got me thinking about staying positive and focusing on all the good I have in my life and I thought I would share a few things I am grateful for:

The ability to have a child, something I can truly appreciate when especially I doubted it would ever happen twice.

Being out in nature and seeing it through the eyes of my children.
Laughter. I swear I laugh a million times a day.
My kids, those two little babybirds who scamper down the hall on quiet feet to crawl into my bed early in the morning.
Having a husband who puts his family first. Watching him as a father has made me fall even further in love with that man. He is most amazing person, who I feel blessed to have beside me each day. 
Friends and family, who support you when you need it (and even when you don't).
Indulging in the simple things in life... bubble baths and desserts among others.

God, without whom, none of this would be possible.
I challenge you now, to either comment here or post on your blog what you are grateful for this week. I promise you, you'll feel better once you do.

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