A Laundry Room Reorganization

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For a long time the laundry room was the most neglected room in the house. Ours leads to the garage so we walk through it a hundred times a day and I wanted it to feel more like a "mud room" rather than a place where I schlep my laundry. In such a small space organization is the key.

There's no need to spend big bucks buying lockers when you can build them yourself. That way too, they fit the space exactly. These lockers took John and my dad a couple hours to build using a table saw.

Each kid gets their own labeled locker to hang bags, keep homework. I think you can use lockers like these for storage of other items if you get a little creative. I used vintage Ball jars to store dog treats, baskets to hold our cameras, etc.

We added a shelf next to the washer/dryer to help maximize the usage of this space. This project will take you maybe an hour to do.

Here's how to do it...

Start by pushing your  washer & dryer together to make one large space. Oh, and pull out all the socks that have fallen back behind there!

Next you can either build a cabinet to fit your space, or you can get one like I did. This little guy from the Ikea kitchen department fit perfectly in my laundry room. 

Next trim a piece of plywood to the size of your space. If you're lucky you can convince a cute guy to do it for you. If you don't have any power tools, just ask the guys from Home Depot to do it - they charge a quarter to cut it for you.

Next I nailed on a piece of 1x2 to the front to give it a more finished look. Just use wood filler followed by a quick sanding to make it look seamless.

Once you've painted it (mine is done in Turret Stair) simply add some supports to the back wall by screwing in a piece of wood to the studs at the same height as your cabinet. Then rest the front of the wood on top of your purchased shelf. That's it. I like that I can remove my shelf in case we ever need to get back behind the washer or dryer. 

If you have a laundry room where you can use one long shelf (like my friend Erika's above), all you need to do it put a rug pad on top of your machines and simply lay the plywood sheet on top. The rug pad will keep it attached so it won't slip off during the spin cycle!

What do you do to help organize your laundry room?

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