DIY: How To Organize Your Jewelry

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For years my jewelry sat strewn in a jewelry box, where it basically just got tangled and ignored. I love the idea of accessorizing, but I tend to be one of those people who forgets about it unless I have it sitting in front of me.  I need the ease of throwing on a bracelet or earrings as I'm running out the door. 

I came up with a couple of solutions for keeping your jewelry tangle-free (!), organized, and out on display without spending too much coin. And, why not let your jewelry become works of art to enhance your dressing area?

Here's a simple picture frame converted into a jewelry display (directions below!).

I have two rods (from the Ikea kitchen department) that I use: one for necklaces and one for bracelets. For earrings I converted a frame using door screens so I can hang them easily. Jewelry that won't work for those solutions go into this red antique Chinese case.

My friend Erika places necklaces around this dressform that was passed down to her from her grandmother. What a beautiful way to display an heirloom and organize yourself.

Now - how do you make yourself one of this little jewelry displays? Easy, easy...

Start with a frame, I think the more ornate the better because painting it modernizes it a bit. You can go to estate sales or thrift stores or head to Tuesday Morning. This baby I got for $9 (which is a good as if I went to an estate sale I think). Plus when I get an idea in my head I sometimes can't wait for an estate sale... I'm all about immediate gratification!

If the back doesn't full come off (if it's a tabletop easel style), make sure to tape off the back using painter's tape.

Lay down a tarp (or old sheet) and grab a can of spray paint. I've found that it helps to elevate what you're painting so you can get at it from all different angles with the paint. I use the caps off other cans of spraypaint... use what you've got on hand!
While that's drying I used the glass from the frame as my template to cut some foam core (get this from Target or a craft store). Cover it with burlap (buy from the fabric store - I used 1/4 yard so I spent $.75 on mine).

Make sure to cut the burlap larger than your foam core so you can fold it over the back. Hot glue down the burlap.

Place your burlap piece into your (now dry) frame. You can buy jewelry display pins at your craft store to assist you in hanging your jewelry. Now you can hang just about anything on your board - even rings.

**If you'd rather use screen (instead of the burlap), just follow the instructions on painting your screen. Then purchase door screen from your hardware store and staple gun it onto the back of your frame (where the glass normally goes). This technique works better on wall frames, rather than tabletop frames.

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