Artist Date: Photoshop Tutorial

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ok, I finally did it... I went ahead and bought Photoshop Elements. I have mentioned that I've tentatively been taking orders for my mysterious little shop (more to come on that later, I promise) and I really needed to be able to use Photoshop. So, my good friend, Erin came over and very sweetly offered me a lesson to get me started.

Technically Artist Dates are supposed to be alone, but I think the main premise of them is to open your eyes to creativity and expand the way you think. So with that loose definition in mind, that was my Date this past week. And, boy did I learn a lot. Here's a few examples of photos I was able to retouch with the help of my tutor, Erin.

Here's a before picture:
And the after:
Notice the lady in purple (behind her shoulder) is missing. Also removed the building on the right and replace it with trees.

Another Before:
And After:
Got rid of the noisy background and converted it to black. Changed the image to black and white and cropped it close to his face.

Not a bad start for a newbie I think. What did you do this past week to help spark your creativity?

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