Artist Date: The Bookstore

Monday, May 11, 2009

Is there anything better than having time to just sit and browse in a bookstore? There's no wrong size, no unflattering mirrors, no harsh lighting... so much better than browsing through the mall. Ok, maybe not, but still it is a fabulous way to whittle away an hour or two if you can spare it.

I set my sights this week on the arts section where I grabbed an armload (a heavy armload, I might add) and found myself a comfortable chair. I perused books on jewelry making, paper arts, knitting, sewing and just about any book with an interesting cover. I did feel inspired... inspired to simply look at the pretty photos think about what projects I may someday want to tackle. I did not, and I'm proud to repeat, did not purchase any of the books nor did I set myself up with a long project list. (which is a pretty big accomplishment for myself) 

Do you have a book that inspires you? If so... what is it?

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