...and... Breathe...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I've always loved this print (I bought mine from BluLima on etsy) and I have it posted in my mudroom where I can see about 1,000 times a day. Just a simple reminder to just keep going no matter how hard the day or how stressed I may feel. Just keep calm and carry on.

You may not know, but these posters originated in London during WWII. When the Royal family decided to plaster them on street posts to remind the citizens that things may be hard, but to just keep an upper lip. I love that.

Now this saying will be even more important at our house, since we just got notice on Thursday that my sweet husband's company was having a large lay-off and his marketing job was no longer. Yes, as in... you no longer have a job. So now he'll be home with me figuring out the next step for our family. It's been a dizzying weekend, but I'm trying to look on the bright side:

*No checking the Blackberry incessantly worried that there may be an urgent work email.

*Opportunities to take a car trip (read: cheaper than flying!) and go visit grandparents since there's no worry of vacation days.

*Being home to hear about Jack's day at school the moment he gets home.

*Vacation in Italy? Well, it's already paid for and non-refundable so I guess we get to go and not think about the stack of work waiting for him at the office.

*Time together - just those little moments throughout the day: lunchtime in the kitchen, a quick walk in the early morning, popsicles with the kids in the late afternoon. This is what I'm going to steal away and tuck in my pocket and hold tight because I know that this time is fleeting.

And, no, I'm not listing the negatives... let's just Keep Calm and Carry On, shall we?

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