Office Space

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

 While I haven't "officially" rolled out my little shop, I'm already getting several orders that need to be filled. I'm beginning to feel like this is really going to happen (read: totally excited). One of the things on my agenda today is to put some order into my office area so I have a place for invoices, check stubs and contacts. No reason to run to Office Depot and get boring supplies... so I checked out etsy and found more than I needed (as always).

These altered clothespins can be used to clip incoming orders together.

A desk organizer in fun stripes could hold mini folders full of contact information.

And, of course, I need business card wallet for my purse. Most of my orders right now come from people seeing me and asking for my cards, so now I never leave home without them!

A journal to record phone conversations, write my never ending lists and just to help me feel organized. The best part? This one is so beautiful and by my blogging friend Julia (check out her blog- it's fabulous!).
And finally thumbtacks to help brighten my inspiration board.

What do you have in your office space to help you organize?

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