Nothing Like a Last Minute Project

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You might recall how over Christmas John and I ripped up the carpet on the stairs and set to work laying new wooden treads. 

Seeing what 20 year old carpet looked like underneath (ugh!) lead to us deciding to rip out the remaining carpet. We replaced the carpet in the bedrooms and decided to lay hardwoods in the hallway. Ourselves.

Lots of hard work, splinters and sweat later... they are finally finished!

I have to say that John did most of the work as he was sweet enough to tackle most of the job while I was away for Spring Break. I was splashing away at the pool and he was hammering away at home (he's a keeper).

 Most projects we do together side by side, so I was a little sad to not get to help but I'm so proud of what a fabulous job he did. Great work honey!

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