Happy Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now, I'm a normal everyday gal... I would never consider myself a tree hugger but I've been trying to lessen my carbon footprint. There are some easy things anyone can do to make a small difference to the environment all it takes is babysteps...

I don't drink bottled water, I bought reusable Sigg bottles for everyone in the family - even the kids. They have 100+ designs so you can pick one to suit your personality.

I pack Jack's lunch in these Laptop Lunches which negates the use of a bag or even baggies since the compartments are reusable... just wash them out and fill for the next day's lunch. Plus I love how it helps with portion controls and encourages me to include items from the different food groups. I also don't have to buy those lunch sized snacks- I can buy snacks in bulk to save money. All good things.

I use all natural cleaners for the house. Most of them I make myself... more on that on Thursday's How To segment.

We drive a hybrid car, the Prius.

I just got the Kindle app for my iPhone... best part? it's free. I'm going to carry a phone, so why not let it double as my book. Stuck in the carpool lane? Sneak in a chapter and save a tree.

Reusable grocery bags, and, hey, they don't have to look this fancy (although these would be more fun to carry). Just keep them in the trunk of your car and grab them as you walk into the store.

What do you do to help the environment?

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