Define Your Style

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The fabulous Paula from Two Ellie tagged me with the challenge of finding one photo to represent my style. Not an easy task. I spent quite a while perusing web sites (read: excellent time waster). I should have headed straight to Jackie's tumblr site, which is where I found this beauty. (If you've not check out her tumblr account - go now it's pretty fabulous).

I love the boldness of the rug and the pops of color in the drapes and accessories. It seems to do a good job of mixing vintage with modern, of which, I am a big fan. Overall, this room is pretty perfect in my opinion.

Now, I need to tag 5 other people: Jackie from Sweetiepie Pumpkin Noodle, Erin from Perfect Sentiment, Rachel from Design Lovely, Anne from City Sage and Michelle from Sugar Pie Express

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