Artist Date: The Salvage Yard

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Artist Date this week took me to one of my favorite places - the salvage yard. For many years I've gone the same one, but last year I stumbled on this one. I love that they have about a thousand of whatever... doors, windows, mirrors, telephone stands, you name - they've got it. Most salvage yards require a lot of digging around and a touch of danger (of tetanus and rogue spiders, that is) but that to me is part of the fun.

The rule of the day for me was no purchases, just daydreaming and perusing...

Hardwood flooring anyone?

One of the many racks of tin ceiling tiles.

Interior lighting

I'd love to paint these beauties and then stick them in the garden as a trellis. Imagine vines twirling around them.

Look at that tall window in the corner...

Just one of the 3 rooms dedicated to old fireplace mantles.

I wish I had a clawfoot tub like this.

Glass doorknobs of all shapes and sizes.

What do you look for at salvage yard? What's the best thing you've found there?

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