Welcome In... the Entryway

Monday, March 09, 2009

Our entryway really is the hub of our house because, as you can see, it opens to the kitchen (past the landing), on the left is our den and to the right is the playroom. With the new wood stairs and freshly installed trim, it finally feels so nice to walk in the door. I do think we'll definitely need a DIY break soon... it would be nice to have a weekend free to do absolutely nothing!

I had been looking for something to sit atop this antique washstand next to Ganesh for quite some time. After seeing Paula's entry, I was inspired to put one of my fun hats there. 

Yet another light switch smack dab in the middle of a wall which needed to be disguised.

This  Scottish grandfather clock from the mid 1700s was purchased the first time I lived in Scotland. My parents bought one for each of their 3 kids - what an amazing gift.

The antique school desk sits on the landing, above it is one of my oil paintings. The desk holds pictures of me and my hubby and a little box of love notes. It's like my own little altar of love. :)

What do you have in your entry way to help make it feel like a special place to come home to?

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