Three Is My Magic Number

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The day that changed my life forever. The day you arrived my sweet little Jackbird made my life feel complete. Each moment of each day is somewhat sweeter because you are in my world.

 Your legs are now almost as long as mine and when you come to sit on my lap to read they drape across the floor. Once you were so tiny you fit snugly in the crook of my arm. How can it be that you don't fit there any more?

Your little toothless grin always so eager to please, made my day shine so much brighter. And now, here you are six years old and still my day shines because of you.

So much has changed in our lives since you've arrived. You are now the most compassionate big brother. Kate has no idea how lucky she is to have you on her side in all that she does. Ever since the day she came home, you have been more concerned about her happiness than you are your own. And, for that, I love you even more.

I look at you here, just a mere 2 years ago, and see such a baby face smiling back. When did you become so grown up? What day did you wake up and no longer look like a baby? I've seen you every day of your life, and yet I somehow missed that moment. Probably because in my eyes you will always be my baby.

My heart melts at the sight of you. 

The time we've had together has flown like the blink of an eye, but each moment has been tucked into my heart. I can't wait to see what another year brings for you my Jackbird.

Happy 6th Birthday My Sweet Boy

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