A Small Victory for Colors

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, I'm walking through Target (like I do at least once a week) when I spy this cute little top. I immediately am drawn to the gray and thus, the conversation in my head begins:

Me: Wow - $15 this is totally cute.
Me: Yes, but it's gray. Look! They have it in a peacock blue color.
Me: Oooh, cute too. BUT, the gray would go with anything.
Me: But you said you were going to go for color this spring, remember?
Me: Gray is a color.
Me: Not a spring color. All these images you've been seeing and drooling over full of yellows and blues and greens... no gray!
Me: But this one won't go with nearly as much.
Me: Put down the gray. NOW.
Me: Okay, fine. [pouting] I'll get the blue.

Count one victory for Team Color. Was that really so hard? And, am I really so neurotic that I have full conversations in my head? Slightly concerning.

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