Signs of Spring with Guest Blogger Jack

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday afternoon was simply gorgeous. The perfect Spring day, and I was determined to not miss out. The babybirds and I headed out for a walk about the neighborhood. I gave my 6 year old, Jack, my camera and asked him to capture images of spring. 

If you want to know what a child really sees, give them a camera and tell them to just go for it. I love seeing what he finds beautiful. So today he is my guest blogger capturing Spring in images. These are his own pictures and words... unedited.

I just wanted a picture of the sun because it's bright and I like how you can see the buds on the tree.

These are just so beautiful and the ants just did a good job.

I just love this picture because there is green on the leaves and that's all about Spring.

In the springtime, the Lambs Ear plant is soft.

These are just kinda pretty, they are pink and the inside is dark pink.

I just like Dandelions. I like to give them to my mom. She puts them in her button hole or in her hair to make her pretty.

Kate has pink tails {pig tails} and I think they are very pretty.
**Disclaimer ** Not really sure how this is Spring related, but I gave him free reign to choose whatever pictures he wanted for the blog. Plus I think it's pretty cute that he calls them "pink tails."**

Bird houses are hanged up in the spring.

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