The Master Bedroom...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Five weeks to go until the tour, and to be honest I seem to be slowing down a bit (which maybe is a good thing). There's no reason to break my neck trying to get everything done. Right? I was lucky enough to have Miss Aimee come over and help give a rundown of what big tasks I still have to accomplish... and thankfully that list wasn't as long as I'd feared. 

So without further ado we'll head to the master bedroom.

On the right side is a little view of the antique farmer's cabinet I just painted in yellow. On the wall to the left I'm hoping to frame my new yellow love print.

My vanity area - I fashioned a vintage frame with some extra screen fabric for my earrings. The bracelets & necklaces hang from racks from Ikea which are  meant for the kitchen backsplash.
What's a bedside table, without a little reading material?

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