How To Show Your Man You Love Him

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My husband is not one for giant billboards professing my love, but he is a pretty awesome guy. He's fabulous husband and phenomenal dad, so I wanted to have a permanent display of how I feel about him. Here's what I came up with....

Start with a blank wall - the one I chose is in our bedroom. Your space does not have to have a light switch smack dab in the middle (but as you've noticed that's pretty much par for the course at my house).

Gather your materials: sentimental cards (homemade or handmade from etsy are the best), binder clips, and carpet tacks

I wrote a note inside each card that didn't already have one. Then using the carpet tacks, I attached the binder clips to the wall (normal nails don't have a wide enough head) and simply slip the card inside the clips. This way he can easily open the cards whenever he wants to reread my sappy messages. :)

Last step? Wrap the wall... I know, this was actually the hardest part. I used painters tape to adhere it. I mean, I love the guy... but I don't want to repaint that wall.

My plan is to continue adding cards. I think the bedroom is a wonderful spot to place out reminders of your love for one another.

The cards I used are from Rar Rar Press, Par Amour Designs, Crazy Pants Press, Mostly Mod, and me.

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