Home Tour Continued... Katbird's Room

Monday, March 30, 2009

Over the weekend we tackled the hardwood flooring in the hallway and finishing up Kate's room. It's so nice to finally haver her room complete. No more sewing for a while I think! 

I'm not a real theme-y girl, but I would say the overall theme of Kate's room is the great outdoors. All the fabrics are from the Joel Dewberry Aviary line.

The closet has  officially been converted into a reading nook. I wanted to find shelving (read: affordable shelving) and wasn't able to find any, so I ask my very handy dad to make me some boxes, which I painted and hung with L Brackets. 

The branch over her dresser is one I cut out of our mulberry tree in the back.

Remember the Charley Harper art project I completed a while back? There it is next to the doll house.

The butterflies are just made from some extra vellum I had lying around. They're adhered to the wall using rubber cement. These were super easy to make and only took me about 30 minutes.

The dress pillow is made from the dress Kate wore for her 1-year photo shoot. I simply sewed it closed and created a pillowform to fill it out. You can also just see the letter K monogram on her bed in this picture.

This is inside Kate's closet - it's my Christening gown. I just wanted a way to display it, and her closet presented the perfect place.

One more week to go until the tour - this week will be a busy one!

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