Dream Date

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost 11 years ago I was a free wheelin' single girl. I had just bought my first home and was feeling pretty self satisfied with the fact that I could be so independent. And then, six month later my neighbor moved in next door. My new hot neighbor. We started out by sharing a driveway and now we share so much more... our life, our kids, our love. 

This is my birthday dream date for you...

First I would take you shopping to all your favorite stores and let you pick out whatever you wanted. Knowing you, you'd want this Ted Baker Whister belt, 7 Diamonds Prague blazer, Vintage Red shirt and a pair of True Religions.

Now that you're all outfitted, we'd hop on a private jet and head straight for the Virgin Islands.

Where we'd stay at a luxury resort and get massages for two...
And dine alone on the beach at sunset...

I might not be able to make this a reality, but you've made all my dreams come true just by being by my side.

Happy Birthday John

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