Spring Clean Out... Even Though It's Not Technically Spring

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ugh... I know, just looking at this closet make my stomach hurt. This linen closet is in my upstairs hallway and while it was organized and labeled... it was still an eyesore. Just not configured all that well... but since we are installing new hardwoods in the hallway, this presented the perfect opportunity to gut it (at least that's how I phrased it to my dear husband, John).

And here's the result:
Ah, can you hear my sigh of relief? Same amount of stuff (just a little purging of extra sheets) but look how much better it looks!  I was inspired by the closets she posted about to go a little extra and paint the back of the closet a color (just used extra paint I had lying around). I think it does make the sheets & towels look a little more interesting.
I have discussed my obsession with labels before, and I couldn't overhaul this closet without making a few new ones. While I would have loved letterpress ones, I am really trying to save money so I made my own in MS Word and sealed them with clear contact paper (I simply wrapped the contact paper around the wire shelves to attach them).
My medicines I grouped in bins based on ailment: first aid, allergy/cold, kids medications, etc. I find that usually you need them in the middle of the night and it's so much easier to just grab a bin and find exactly what you need.
I was so excited about my new labels, I even had to add some to the coat closet downstairs.

Someone please stop me before I label the entire house. please.

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