Six Weeks to Go... Jackbird's Room Tour

Monday, February 23, 2009

There are a mere 6 weeks until the home tour, and it's time to tackle Jackbird's room. If you cannot tell from his bedding, he is a rabid Star Wars fan . Of course, he's pretty much a fan of whatever his dad is... he has nicknamed himself "Wingman" since he is always on his daddy's side no matter what. It's pretty cute... strike that, it's totally adorable.

His room is rather small, but easily has the largest closet in the house. Between the large closet and the playroom downstairs, that clears up most of the space from toys.

 The letters on the wall are vintage letters taken from a gas station, highway road sign, movie theater and bookstore signs. The treehouse toy is one that gets a lot of use.

I created a little reading area for Jackbird. We, at our house, believe that reading is FUN-damental(can you tell I'm a former elementary teacher?) so I try to incorporate reading areas in all kid spaces. I used gym baskets for extra book storage on the wall. The art on the wall is a Jackbird original.

Jack loves camping, so we fashioned a "tent" over his bed using curtain wires purchased from Ikea and a spare queen sheet which I modified. At night he can light up the moon on the wall and pull the straps to "lower" the tent over himself and feel like he's camping under the stars.

I made chalkboard paint and coated both the kids doors, so they can use them as an extra art space or a place for me to write them notes. If you want to make custom chalkboard paint, it's incredibly simple, just go here for directions.

What do you have in your kid's rooms to make them feel special or unique?

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