Seven Weeks to Go... The Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Monday, February 16, 2009

Seven weeks until the home tour, and I'm beginning to feel some of the stress. The list we started weeks ago seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. Oh yes, we're crossing thing off... but for each item I cross I tend to add two more things we need to complete!

I did have a fabulous weekend with my sister and her family. Kim and I received a lovely Valentine gift from our husbands of some sister time with no children. We took advantage and went shopping at several antique stores nearby... not too many purchases, but I am gathering ideas (hence the never ending adding to said to-do list).

Today's focus is on my kitchen/breakfast area... love to hear your ideas or comments about what you think of this space... I'll just add those to my to-do list. {insert load groan from my husband here}
The light fixture over the breakfast table was saved from a salvage yard - it's one of my favorite pieces in the room.
We refaced our cabinets a year ago and painted them green... I'm on a "no white cabinet" kick for some reason.

This is our breakfast area... recognize the children's art frame project? The sunflower painting is one of three oil paintings I've completed.

My blogging HQ - the picture next to the computer is John's great grandmother's Ice Cream recipe I've framed. The rooster painting was created by John's grandmother who passed away this past November.

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